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Plan B Film Production produce video for Mannings. A commercial which feature a kid




Every advertisement's soul is its picture. We invest a lot on art design and props so that every commercial can capture the audience's attention right away.

In addition, we work with a variety of directors in response to various shooting conditions. Plan B Film Production collaborates with its experienced professionals to produce high-quality commercials.


Concept development

When we get a creative brief from a client or advertising agency, Plan B Film Production will create a custom proposal for the client based on the brand's unique selling point.

The shooting method is intended to offer the spectator a deeper sense of the brand, and our creative idea is largely concentrated on distinctive and engaging visuals.


Our Casting Director will search for suitable performers from various modeling companies to engage in the performances in response to various commercials. The casting director will also audition the performers prior to filming to verify that their acting abilities and looks satisfy the specifications of the commercial and the director.

We've also seen that many customers neglect the importance of actors' copyright, therefore the casting director will go over the contents of the actor's contract with them before filming to avoid any conflicts during the shoot.

Rough cut

Rough cut/offline editing and online editing are the two major processes of editing. In the first cut, the director will be involved in every step of the process, even editing many versions to compare which one has the best impact. It is critical to have a strong connection with clients during the manufacturing of advertisements. As a consequence, we will invite client and advertising agency to the preliminary meeting and invite them to provide critical feedback. And, because we believe that clients are the best experts on their products and services, we are happy to make improvements based on their feedback.

Coloring grading / Telecine

Colour grading is a vital and significant technique in today's advertising industry. An outstanding colour grading can grab the viewer's attention in addition to improving the overall viewability of the ad. Following the initial edit, we will colour grade the raw film (Raw Footage). Colourists have the most freedom with these massive volumes of data. We will match appropriate colours based on various advertising requirements; there are black and white dull tones, brilliant hues, and more romantic colours. And the strategy will be produced in accordance with the director's and the client's expectations.


To make communication easier, we use a storyboard before each commercial shooting to describe every shooting strategy, viewpoint, composition, and so on. It helps the shooting team to communicate properly with the director and coordinate multiple production departments, in addition to assisting clients in better understanding the production company's proposal.

Cinematic filming

The excellent picture effect impresses the audience. Even if it involves additional planning and production expenses, we insist on using the best-suited filming equipment for each commercial, like Arri Alexa, Red Camera, Black Magic, and other similar cameras. In response to various shooting objectives, we select a variety of sizes of shooting equipment to demonstrate film-like image standards and quality. This is our ultimate goal for each and every advertisement.

Online editing

We will process online editing after we have confirmed the initial cut. At this moment, we will add unique effects to the shots based on the request from the director. It will be ideal at this level even if it is as simple as skin retouching, adding stunning effects for the slogans, and even placing an outer space background to the screen.

Audio mixing

The audio engineer will add sound effects (dubbing) to specific shots in the final stages of advertising production. Add a suitable voice-over to enhance the outcome on the screen, and then carefully adjust the loudness of multiple audio layers to correspond the different special requirements of various TV stations or online commercials.


We have worked with over 100 clients in Hong Kong and Asia.


Over 15 years of advertising experience! Check out  our recent work!


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Plan B Film Production produce video, in Pre Production stage for 7 cafe in Hong Kong.


  • Creative Idea Development

  • Script Writing / Copywriting

  • Storyboard

  • Location Scout

  • Casting

Studio shooting by Plan B Film Production


  • TV Commercial, TVC

  • Online Video

  • Corporate Video

  • Viral Video

  • Product Demo Video

  • Photography

Plan B Film Production post production in Hong Kong.


  • Offline editing

  • Online editing

  • Audio mixing

  • VO recording

  • Color grading, Telecine

  • Animation

  • ​Computer Graphic

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