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Nurtec Medical Campaign

It is delightful to work with Lin Min-Chen, 林明禎, for the second time. We created different scenes featuring "Min-Chens" in this advertising campaign to showcase how migraine can easily happen in your daily life. Using miniature building models enhances the message that this is a common urbanite issue.

We are satisfied with the outcome. We believe the cartoon style performance of these actress could able to capture the audience's attention.

Thank you for the continuous support from the agency McCann Health and the client Pfizer for this project. And thank you to Lin Min-Chen and her "doubles" for their participation in this commercial.

Client: Pfizer 輝瑞藥廠

Agency: McCann Health

Production House: Full Booking Ltd

Director: Tao Lam

Producer: Ting@Full Booking Ltd

Assistant Director: 何笑

DP: Sze Long

Gaffer: Tim

Art Director: GK

Stylist: 0B

Production Manager: Raymond

Make up: Ide

Hair: Dave

Post Production: Uncle

Producer: Sandy

Offline Editor: Sing

Online Editor: Jason

Colorist: 全

Audio Mixing: 聰

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